Little Giggles - In Home Child Care

background1Little Giggles is an alternative to Centre based care, offering small group sizes with a maximum of 4 children under the age of 6 and never more than 2 children under the age of two.

Small group sizes enable children to build responsive and reciprocal relationships, which is particularly beneficial for children under two.

Individual educational programmes are developed for your child once a term, following Te Whāriki, the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum.

Portfolio books provide a record of your child’s learning and development which are retained by parents when children leave the service.

Children have the opportunity to experience everyday life situations such as cooking, shopping, going for walks, visiting parks, attending music and movement groups etc, these provide valuable learning experiences for children. Educators also provide activities including books, paint, collage, puzzles, play dough, water and sand, each of these activities further enhance your child's learning and development.

  • Home based care enables your child’s routine to be continued in the Educators home

  • Educators provide an environment where your child is valued and their needs recognized enabling them to become competent, confident learners

  • Coordinators who are trained registered Early Childhood teachers visit your child at least once a month completing a written photo observation on a regular basis which goes into the child's portfolio book

  • Coordinators visit Educators to provide ongoing support, art and craft resources and age appropriate nursery and play equipment. Coordinators are also available for any advice and support in regards to your child

  • Coordinators organise weekly playgroups providing children the opportunity to interact with their peers in larger group settings.

We endeavor to meet your required childcare hours, and with a variety of Home based Educators flexibility of hours can be considered.

How Little Giggles Operates

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