Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Standard Childcare rates:

  • In the educators’ home - $5.00 per hour, per child.
  • In the child’s home - $10.00 per hour


Little Giggles Subsidy:

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Work and Income (WINZ) Childcare Subsidy:

WINZ Childcare subsidies are available based on families’ gross family income and number of dependent children. Low income parents who are not working may still be entitled to a 9 hour childcare subsidy to see if you are eligible visit: www.workandincome.govt.nz Phone: 0800 559 009

All subsidies are paid by Little Giggles Ltd directly to the educator.

Parents will be notified of fees not paid and if in arrears of 2 weeks then the child’s enrolment will be terminated.

If parents are going to withdraw or change booking times of their child from the home based care, they are to give 2 weeks’ notice, so than no further fees will be incurred.

Full fees will be charged for the children’s enrolled days as per enrolment, when they are absent (sick or personal reasons) and if their enrolment fall on public holidays.

Payment is due fortnightly in advance and can be made by automatic payment or telephone banking.

20 Hours free ECE for 3 to 5 year olds:

20 hours ECE is a government subsidy available to all 3, 4 and 5 year old children enrolled in Licensed Ministry of Education Early Childhood Education providers who opt into the 20 hours ECE.

The Government provides a higher funding subsidy through 20 Hours ECE because it believes that giving young children the best possible start in life is vitally important, and that quality Early Childhood Education, such as Little Giggles programme, builds the lifelong foundation of successful Learning.

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